• Frequently asked questions

How much will I be paid for my work?

Author royalties make 50% of each sale, and each payment is made automatically once an image is sold. The money is therefore accumulated on your account. The minimum amount you can withdraw is 50 Euros, and the systems that can be used include PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Epassporte. You can always submit a request to our support service and withdraw the money via intrabank transfer in the territory of the Czech Republic.

How is my work going to be used?

Adult photos, illustrations and other files from the catalogue of DirtyPlace.com photo bank are most often purchased by designers for their work (banners, websites etc). They can be also used to make other promotion materials, including postcards, posters and packaging.

Our adult photo bank sells files with two license options: Royalty Free and Extended Royalty Free.

Royalty Free is a kind of license that makes it possible to sell the file unlimited number of times. When the file is sold the copyright is reserved by the author, while the buyer gets the non-exclusive copyright, i.e. right to use the image. The author is paid a preset amount of money (author royalty) that cannot be changed in the future. The buyer does not have any other expenses and can use the files at their own discretion (except for commercial use).
Extended Royalty Free is a kind of license that makes it possible to sell the file unlimited number of times and use it in commercial projects. Having purchased a file from the photo bank catalogue with this license option you have the right to use it in any kind of advertising material, for any number of copies, during any period of time and in the territory of any country. This license also enables you to alter the image and make unique modifications to use it for advertising purpose. Therefore, Extended Royalty Free license option is different from the standard one as it allows using the images in commercial projects. Examples of such use include flyers, postcards, calendars, T-shirts with printing, mouse pads etc.

So, in the DirtyPlace.com catalogue you can purchase the same file for 0,5 Euro for personal use and online publishing, or for 20 Euros for advertising purposes and commercial projects.

Please Note! The buyer can't buy an image for 0.5 Euro with standard RF option and use it for printing posters, for example. Such an action will automatically mean copyright violation and will be prosecuted in accordance with the Copyright Act of the Czech Republic.


  • distribute copies of files with the image(s) and make them widely available;
  • sell, rent, or lease the material as well as files containing the material;
  • use images in design of calendars, postcards and posters, where the image is used as a frame, for the purpose of sale;
  • post the material in interactive environment in some format available for download by the third parties, therefore making them widely available.

How do I upload my work to your server?

To upload files to our server you need to register (Please note! DirtyPlace.com does not register users with e-mail address on mail.ru postal server) and confirm the registration by clicking on the activation link.

You can then access your account by using the login name and password you chose. You can upload files in the section of the menu «My Uploads > Images». You can upload from one file to up to 10 files simultaneously. The preview for each file will become visible once the upload is complete. All recently uploaded files will have a "New" status. Your next step is adding keywords to the files uploaded for the buyers to be able to find them easily in the catalogue. Adding keywords means coming up with a title, keywords and categories. Photos and video featuring people require uploading a signed model release. You can do all the things mentioned above by clicking on "Edit" button next to the preview of every image.

Once you have attributed all the images you can either save the data you entered ("Save settings" button) or send the image for it to be checked by the moderator ("Send for approval" button). Your file now has a different status – "Sent for approval". The image will be checked by the moderator within a few working days of the service and posted in the catalogue (the status of this file will change to "Active"). In case your file has been rejected due to any reasons you will see it on the list of files uploaded with the "Rejected" status. At the same time there will be a link right next to the status saying "Administrator's comment" where you will be able to learn about the reason for the rejection and/or recommendations about uploading files.

What are the requirements for the files I upload?

We accept files ONLY from the actual authors. Please do not upload other people's files and pass them for your own. Plagiarism is strictly punished by photo bank moderators.

Requirements for uploading photos to DirtyPlace.com adult photo bank

A photo must be of high quality and have maximal size. The larger the size of the photo - the higher is its price. Please see the price list. The minimum photo size is 800х600 px. You can upload photos in JPG format only. If there are images of people in the photo you must also upload a model release. Learn more about uploading files featuring people.

Requirements for uploading illustrations to DirtyPlace.com adult photo bank.

Illustrations must be uploaded in Zip archive. The archive must contain the following:
  1. The actual file with the illustration in PSD format (may contain layers).
  2. Illustration preview in PNG format (can be with transparent background). Uploading up to 10 previews for every illustration is available. The previews will be rotating within the catalogue. You can view an example here: http://dirtyplace.com/en/catalogue/z100673.pix Previews are displayed in the catalogue in alphabetical order depending on the file preview name.
Previews are displayed in the catalogue in alphabetical order depending on the file preview name.
You do not need a model release for illustrations.

Requirements for uploading vector images to DirtyPlace.com adult photo bank

Vector images are accepted in EPS format. A preview is generated automatically.

Requirements for uploading 3D images to DirtyPlace.com adult photo bank

3D images are accepted in PNG format only. A preview is generated automatically.

Requirements for uploading videos to DirtyPlace adult photo bank

You can upload video files in .wmv or .mov formats. You do not have to archive files. A preview is generated automatically. Video with participation of people requires uploading a model release.

How do I upload files featuring people?

DirtyPlace.com adult photo bank sells only legal content. If there are people in the photo or video you must confirm the consent of these people to the sale of the files. For this you need to download the model release form, print it out, fill it out by hand and upload to the server. You also need to upload the model's ID. This can be a shot of the model next to her passport or some other photo ID. This file must also be uploaded to the server. File upload can be done from the section of the menu My Downloads > Documents. Here you can also view all the documents uploaded, delete them or add a comment to every document. You will be able to view this comment when the document is associated with a certain photo. This is convenient if you have already uploaded several photos for different models.

After uploading the documents to the server you need to associate them with the files featuring the models. You can associate files with the documents on the page where you add keywords and categories to the file, in the "Documents" section.

How do I withdraw money?

  • The minimum amount you can withdraw is 50 Euros.
  • The systems that can be used to withdraw money include PayPal, Moneybookers, WebMoney, Epassporte. You can always submit a request to our support service and withdraw the money via intrabank transfer in the territory of the Czech Republic.
  • You can submit a withdrawal request I the section of menu "Withdraw funds"
  • You will be required to pay a 0.8% commission fee for funds withdrawal to any payment system, except for the intrabank transfer. Money transfer to a Czech bank is made in Czech crowns. Raiffeisenbank (Prague) conversion rate on the day of withdrawal is used.
  • Funds withdrawal request is usually processed within one working day from the moment it was submitted.

Rules of uploading web templates

  • Web templates must be uploaded as a ZIP archive.
  • The archive must contain READY-MADE SITE TEMPLATES in PHP format or WEBSITE DESIGNS in PSD format.
  • The author must create and add to the archive one or several previews of the template in PNG format.
  • The preview must be precisely 410 pixels in height and not more than 400 pixels in width. For every template it’s possible to create up to 10 previews that will be rotating in the catalogue in alphabetical order.

You can see an example here http://dirtyplace.com/templates/wp100029.pix

Please note! File names in the archive may contain only Roman characters, digits or characters like “-” and “_”.

You can also add icons, banners, fonts and other elements of design to increase the price of the template.

Once you have uploaded the template to the server, click on “Edit” right in the table with the templates uploaded and describe your work – give it a title, indicate the width and list the contents of the archive. This is where you set the price for the archive containing site template. Once you’ve done all that, click on the link “Send for approval”. After your template has been approved by the moderator it will appear on the DirtyPlace.com catalogue.